Rachid Ait Belhaj

level three master stylist/master colorist/halo extensions/artistic director

a native of France, rachid is a balayage specialist trained in Paris and behind the chair since 2000. a master stylist for over a decade, rachid’s haircutting and color work is legendary. working with Dessange Paris, L’Oréal Paris, Toni&Guy London, and Redken 5th Avenue have given rachid a diverse skill set that truly qualifies him as a world class master stylist/colorist. and for the guys, don't be fooled by the pedigree. rachid is an amazing barber/stylist. certified specialist in keratin treatments and hothead extensions

Christina Kelly

level three master stylist/makeup artist/DEVA curl certified

a wry sense of humor and a warm heart are the beginning of your experience with christina. her technical cutting skills are flawless and her colors, especially blonds, are masterful. christina is warm and down to earth. more likely to demand a hug than a tip (but please tip her too). we know christina's clients are extremely loyal based on the number of years they've been in her chair. christina is also certified from Vidal Sassoon, and is a certified master colorist. we feel very lucky to have christina on our team

Joey Viola

stylist/colorist/hot heads/ DEVA curl certified

beginning march 5th, 2019 joey can be found at odyssey hair studio on 12th and locust

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this multi-certified stylist has been delivering his brand of humor and sass to clients for more than ten years. Joey is an expert at hair smoothing and relaxing, a master of DEVA as well as precision, free style and dry cutting. his colors are amazing (boy balayage is kicking’). bye gurl. we are going to miss you

Kensey Keenan

level two stylist/colorist/mommie

kensey embodies the best of what we strive to achieve within the house. she is warm and gracious with an approachable nature and ability to roll with almost any situation. stand out talents include free-hand highlighting, long layered cuts and a loose curl finish. her ability to create amazing fashion color looks is spellbinding. check out her instagram! kensey sees clients on wednesday and saturday

Anthony Paris

level two stylist/colorist/atlas master

beginning march 5th, 2019 anthony can be found at the jason matthew salon.

anthony has been stylist for over a decade. his colors are masterful, his women's cuts are sassy/sexy with a big dose of pre-raphaelite. his star is on the rise. 


Rob Johnson

level one stylist/atlas barber

beginning march 19th, 2019 rob can be found at odyssey hair studio on 12th and locust.

though he spends most of his time showing off his mad barbering skills, rob is passionate about women's hair. cutting methods, from dry and curly hair to sassoon precision approach. we couldn’t have been happier to have had him on our team, and are excited to watch his continued growth as an artist.



Thy Nguyen

brilliant haircuts, amazing blow outs and queen of the up-do

our first stylist to find a new home, Tờ Hy at http://www.prepandfoxx.com at 532 Broad Street 215-755-6500.. We will miss you Thy. Your beauty, style and grace made our days more special. We know you are just beginning a brilliant career, so all of your friends and coworkers here will be keeping an eye out for you, knowing the best is yet to come. stay in touch!


get in touch 215.592.7627


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